Conca TolmezzinaConca Tolmezzina
Carnia 700 Regione Autonoma Friuli-Venezia Giulia


The village of red marble

Palazzos, churches, civilian buildings bear precious testimony to the history and yield extraordinary discoveries for the attentive, curious visitor wandering through these streets. Don’t miss the Conca Tolmezzina’s main places of interest.

  • Arzino torrent waterfalls

    Arzino torrent waterfalls


    The Arzino torrent gives rise to a series of particularly attractive waterfalls. In the midst of thick beech copses, the waterfalls alternate between wide erosion basins and deep, verdant pools.

  • Lake Verzegnis

    Lake Verzegnis


    Lake Verzegnis is a small but stunning artificial lake set in the hearth of a lush green valley. Crossing the bridge that straddles it you can get onto the path along the lake shores or, carrying on uphill along the road, reach the Madonna de "La Salete" and the towns of Duebis and Pusea.

  • Colle Mazeit archaeological site

    Colle Mazeit archaeological site


    Finds and structures discovered at Colle Mazeit archaeological site confirm a human presence in the area from the 4th Millennium B.C. up to the Mediaeval period. The clearly visible remains of a guard tower belonging to a much larger fortified structure indeed date back to the Mediaeval period.

  • Pieve of S. Martino

    Pieve of S. Martino


    The Pieve of San Martino was reconstructed from its foundations and extended in the 18th century (between 1730 and 1778) to a design by Tolmezzo Architect Domenico Schiavi. After the main entrance, the body of the church appears to divide into a nave and two aisles. Valuable furnishings and eighteenth century frescos complete the interior.

  • The historical red marble route

    The historical red marble route


    Verzegnis - Sella Chianzutan
    Equipped trail to discover the ancient red marble quarry: a real open air industrial archaeology museum developed through recovering plans and artefacts which were part of the ancient extraction process.

  • Art Park

    Art Park


    In Villa, a contemporary art collector Egidio Marzona set up Art Park, an unusual park of contemporary art which is home to works by artists like Bruce Neuman, Richard Long, Sol LeWitt, Dan Graham and Robert Berry, international exponents of cultural trends tied to Arte Povera, Land Art and Minimalism.