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Conca Tolmezzina - Gastronomia Conca Tolmezzina - Gastronomia

Carnic cookery doesn’t just blend ingredients harmoniously to make them taste good, it tells a tale. It’s the story of a land and its products, transformed into extraordinary dishes by cooks and local chefs. This is where cjarsons, sweet or savoury round filled pasta, for which every valley has its own interpretation, toç in braide, the famous frico and delicate dishes based on mushrooms and wild herbs come from, often accompanied by steaming hot polenta. Don’t forget to try the many Carnic specialities with their genuine, avoursome ingredients or to purchase the rich variety of local products in the food shops, including dairy products, cold cured meats, jams, honey and sweet things…


Pranzo sociale a Tolmezzo

Domenica 28 aprile 2019 a partire dalle 12.00
Tendone presso il Centro Studi - viale Aldo Moro Tolmezzo...