Conca TolmezzinaConca Tolmezzina
Carnia 700 Regione Autonoma Friuli-Venezia Giulia


In the crayfish tradition

Palazzos, churches, civilian buildings bear precious testimony to the history and yield extraordinary discoveries for the attentive, curious visitor wandering through these streets. Don’t miss the Conca Tolmezzina’s main places of interest.

  • Stone fountain

    Stone fountain

    Amaro - town centre

    Callled the "great fountain" this monolitich stone basin, in the centre of te town, dating back to 1697, is one of the municipailty's most important "monuments".

  • Signs of the sacred

    Signs of the sacred


    Besides the Nineteenth Century S. Nicolò Parish church, built by Girolamo D’Aronco of Gemona, father of the famous Raimondo, which safeguards inside it two simple late eighteenth century altars, you can also visit the church of San Valentino in Amaro, a simple construction dating back to 1600 and the Votive Church of Maina, rebuilt after the 1976 quake.

  • Lake Cison

    Lake Cison


    Artificial lake accessible from the main road via a country road that passes in front of the old Rainis mill. The lake is suitable for game fishing or taking a quiet stroll around its shores watching swans and ducks gliding across the water.

  • Favarinis torrent waterfall

    Favarinis torrent waterfall


    A waterfall a few dozen metres high creates this stunning cascade flowing down through a canyon of Monte Amariana.